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In this section, you’ll learn about the drug version of HGH as well as the three categories of natural HGH products. I’ll explain whether I believe that type of HGH supplementation is a good choice and why.


The first conclusion that I came to in my research was that the injectable, prescription version of HGH was not the answer for my patients. Is it effective? Absolutely. But, there are a number of issues I saw with it.


Injectable HGH costs approximately $1,000 to $2,000 per month, which most can’t afford, especially for an extended period of time;


The best study I’ve seen on it to date demonstrated that to maximize benefits and minimize side effects, people injected it two times per day, six days per week. That’s 12 needles a week, and over 600 per year! Not many people want to sustain that kind of pain;


Like it or not, every drug has side effects and injections carry their own set of risks;


What a lot of people don’t realize is that when you use injectable HGH you are placing rather large amounts of HGH in your bloodstream. The problem is that your body is a very smart machine. It realizes that all that HGH is there and doesn’t produce as much of its own HGH anymore because it doesn’t need to. In essence, you close off your natural HGH “faucet” when you take the injectable version, which would be fine if you were willing to spend $12,000 to $24,000 per year for the rest of your life and inject yourself 600 times per year forever. But, if you’re not willing to do all that, you will end up with wildly suppressed HGH levels after a significant period on the drug version and it could take a long time for your body to start producing its own HGH again. That lower HGH output equals accelerated aging, not slower aging. Not good!


Once I ruled out the drug form of HGH, I had the daunting task of finding the best natural product on the market for my patients. Why was it daunting? Because I found over 100 natural products to choose from! No wonder my patients were so confused. At first, so was I. And I’m a doctor! After doing more research, I divided the natural products on the market into three categories. Here they are and what I do or don’t like about them.

HGH Releasers and Secretagogues

The majority of natural HGH products are referred to as “HGH releasers”, “HGH Precursors” and “HGH Secretagogues”. The overwhelming majority of these products are amino acid supplements that have been around forever. Many of these products have simply been re-marketed to capitalize on the popularity of HGH and are selling for much more than they did in the past. Not only do they normally CONTAIN NO INGREDIENTS THAT OPTIMIZE PITUITARY AND LIVER FUNCTION, THE TWO GLANDS INVOLVED IN HGH PRODUCTION, but according to a very informative book by Dr. H.A. Davis, called “Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH”:

“30% of patients tested DO NOT respond these GH...‘releasers’ or ‘secretagogues’. [These non-homeopathic products] have been around a long time and, in many cases, have never yielded the same quality and consistent results.”

Dr. Davis concluded…

"In our view, homeopathy takes HGH to the safest, most sophisticated level ever seen. [It] combines years of scientific research with the benefits of safety and effectiveness."

I agree with Dr. Davis, which brings us to the two types of homeopathic HGH boosting products that I found, (1) Homeopathic HGH Enhancers without liver extract and (2) Homeopathic HGH Enhancers combined with liver extract. For the reasons you’ll see below, I can only recommend one of the two. Take a look.

Homeopathic HGH Enhancer Without an Ingredient to Address Healthy Liver Function

I cannot recommend this type of product for safety reasons because there could be a health risk involved if a product elevates HGH levels and does not have address the issue of maintaining healthy liver function. When you raise HGH there is a corresponding elevation of blood glucose levels that could potentially create health problems for you.

Homeopathic HGH Enhancer Combined With an Ingredient to Address Healthy Liver Function

My research led me to the strong conclusion that this type of product is the best natural option you can buy. As a doctor, it’s safety and health first, and everything else second. The liver extract stabilizes and normalizes those blood glucose levels I referred to above. This makes the mixture safe for long term use. Additionally, certain types of liver extract can also regenerate liver tissue, which tends to regress as we age. And, of course, a healthier, detoxified and better functioning liver has numerous benefits for long term health and prevention.

But, my research wasn’t quite done, yet…

Once I decided that a homeopathic formula that also contained some type of liver empowering compound was the best option, I found several that fit into this category. So, I decided to try some of them myself and share a few with my patients to see what the results would be. You could say I did my own informal study. The results with one product were incredible and exceeded anything else I tried by far!

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